The Maine Fest was bourn out of a desire to bring more Art and Music to the Town of Maine at little or no cost to the people of Maine. The first Maine Fest was held in September of 2018 and was modeled after the many Porchfests that were actually started in Ithaca, NY.

The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society jumped in and used it’s resources and staff to sponsor this event. From the annual event, a series of monthly coffeehouses were created that feature wonderful regional musical talent.

For more about the rich tradition of the town, we encourage you to visit http://www.nanticokevalleyhistoricalsociety.com/

On the website you will find an incredible amount of resources that tell the story of Maine, NY and it’s surrounding areas.

In 2019 the Maine Fest added a Plein Air or Open Air Painting event that is designed to fill our town with artists who will paint the Hamlet and Town of Maine landscapes, buildings, people, and unique features. The paintings on this page were done by Clarence Stratton who captured hundreds of scenes. His artwork is found in schools, homes, and offices throughout the town. The 2018 Maine Fest featured the art of Mr. Stratton and a book of his paintings were created and is offered for sale at the Maine Fest.